We went to the star and back!

We went to the star and back!

Hello – Long time ago hehe.

Anyway, we killed Star Augur some weeks back. Sadly, there were some problem with WoW on that day, so I couldn’t connect. But overall a fun fight, that was surprisngly easy after the nerfs. We expected it to be way harder.

But with the help from Fade, we managed to bring the Star Wars fanboy down! We’re also really close to a Elisande kill, so expect a post really soon! Made it to phase 3 🙂

At the moment we are also recruiting more people to join the raid team and start prepare for ToS! Soo tell your friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriend or pets and let them join in on the fun!

Here is the killpicture!

Here are some kill PoVs of the kill:
Darkshade – Shadow Priest
Lill – Balance Druid 

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