3/7M – Ursoc bites the dust

3/7M – Ursoc bites the dust

Ursoc Mythic

Hey guys, another kill announcement right here!

No bear puns in the title, but thanks for bearing with us as we worked on our next mythic kill. After killing a big dragon and a spider, the next boss in line was Ursoc.

After putting some work on him on our monday raid, after killing Elerethe and having our farm raid on wednesday we had a full evening for him on sunday. After a few close wipes (Two 0% wipes? GG!) we managed to kill near the end of the evening, good job all! 3 Bosses down, 4 to go!

Next step progression wise will be The Dragons of Nightmare. We’re working on him as we speak with a full raid on him last monday, hopefully we can update you again with boss number 4, stay tuned!

We had some Fade raiders recording their kills once again, which you can see below.

Fire Mage AarynUnholy Deathknight CenturusEnhancement Shaman WoopShadow Priest Darkshade

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