Two progress bosses are better then one!

Two progress bosses are better then one!

Hello Fade people!

I’m gonna be honest – I’ve been slacking with the post – I don’t have any good excuse, but I blame Darkshade.

Anyway! Sooo the last time I made a post, we killed botanist in a magical way – this time we played against magic and downed Spellblade!

A hard fight, with a lot of damage going out (It got nerfed now though) and requires a lot of raid coordination, but with some help from healers, soakers (melee Zzzz) we downed it! Didn’t take too long.

Then it was on to the next boss – Tichandrius.

Tichandrius is pretty straightfoward – Soak swam, soak argus and kill bats(!) and adds. If you do this perfectly = profit.

I sadly miss the killed, which probably resulted in the amount of the wipes before they killed it (hehe)! But hopefully I don’t miss anymore raids now – Or atleast progress kill!

I will also try to be better at posting when we kill!

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture – But I managed to do some professional photoshopping. If you ask me, I don’t see the difference, looks perfect.

And there is the tichandrius picture – Shot by Kiwirate.

Here are some povs:
Darkshade – Shadow Priest 
Darkshade – Shadow Priest
Skeng – Arms Warrior
Sooo, expect more (And faster) posts soon!

xoxo Aaryn

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