Odyn is defeated & Christmas Update!

Odyn is defeated & Christmas Update!

Hello Fade!

Here is a quick post about our latest progress and christmas update!

So after some weeks of progress on Odyn – we killed him this Wednesday, sadly with the nerfs. We had a 19% wipe on him before the nerfs, so was kinda meh that we didn’t kill it before. But other than that, he’s dead and that’s all that matters! After roughly 4-5 tries we got him down with a “clean” try – you can see the kill down below!

Check out the PoVs here:
Morty – Destro Warlock
Youn – Destro Warlock
Centurus – Frost DK
Aaryn – Fire Mage 

Christmas Update!

So christmas is around the corner and most of you – if not all – will celebrate both christmas and new years with your friends and family.
This usually means that we are short on people during this period of time, and we don’t want you guys log in for a raid, then wait and realise that we are too few.

So we are basically going to have a christmas “break” – though, there will still be raid event up and this is because if there would be some interest to raid – we will raid.

This means that those raids will be non-mandatory – If we have enough people, we raid. Also, it wont affect your rank/loot etc if you can’t make it at all during these raids. These raids will be up for the people that still wanna raid during the holidays.

Raids affected:
– Sun 25 December
– Mon 26 December
– Wed 28 December
– Sun 1 January
(No raid at all)

Keep in mind – we have plenty of back up players that can join us for ToV HC/EN Mythic/Achievement run  etc – So if we would “only” have like 15 signs or less, we can still make a raid happen – so don’t sign up and bail out because of signs!!

Raiding will go back to normal (Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00) @ Mon 2 January – Then it’s time to prepare even more for Nighthold!

The council of Fade wish you guys a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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