Legion kickoff: Fade starts raiding Emerald Nightmare

Legion kickoff: Fade starts raiding Emerald Nightmare

Hello adventurers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since Legion was released, with the first raid of this expansion The Emerald Nightmare being live now it’s time to bring you up to speed on the guilds progress.

We have just finished our first week of raiding. We decided to dive straight into heroic.

Nythendra and Il’Gynoth where killed on our first raiding day wednesday, followed by Ursoc, Dragons of Nigthmare and Elerethe on Sunday. We also progressed Cenarius that day and followed this up by killing him on our monday raid.

Just one boss remaining on heroic difficulty, Xavius. Unfortunately no kill yet, but with a 2% wipe we aren’t that far off.

In the meanwhile we had a smooth normal run on thursday together with some social members of the guild. One wipe on Elerethe and one on Xavius, a oneshot on everything else. So normal mode 7/7 is out of the way.

As it’s wednesday today we’re diving into a new week of raiding, can we kill Xavius HC and start our mythic progression? You’ll find out on this website soon™!

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