The journey to High Botanist Tel’Arn

The journey to High Botanist Tel’Arn

Hello Fade fanboys!

It’s been a looooong time since I posted here, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t kill anything!

There was this one night, a late cold Sunday in March – Fade made their way to High Botanist Tel’Arn. The goal was simple – kill him fast and obtain the loot and maybe give the trinket to the almighty Aaryn.
After fighting our way through the deadly trash in the forest of Nighthold, we finally reached the boss. But there was one problem. It was not one enemy, it was three!
– “How are we gonna kill this, Aaryn?” Demoji asked in agony.
– “No problems, I knew this would come, young council Demoji” Aaryn responded.
– “Wawawaw” said Thornie.
– “It’s okey guys, I believe Aaryn got a plan to kill it.” Kiwi filled in fast after Thornies response.

After Aaryn and Kiwirate – the new raid assist – have explained the tactic, everyone was on the same page except Skeng.
– “I don’t understand you guys accent” Skeng pointed out in confusion.
– “No problem, melee doesn’t need to do anything” Letsjudge answered to calm Skeng down.

One of our big pillars in the guild, Crusheer or we can call him Tasee, made the pull timer, everything seemed fine. Fade was ready to fight this new savage beast. But then problem happened. Ugle decides to go away from keyboard at the start, to either smoke or find his cat – we still don’t know to this day and a wipe happened.
– “What the fuck was that?” Jusb screamed.
– “Come on guys” Tanit filled in.
– “Focus up for fuck sake” Lill screamed.

Everything seemed lost, so much preparation was done just for Ugle to go away on the pull. The confusion was massive. Aaryn and Kiwi tried to calm everyone down, but then Morty stepped up and told Fade when he got lost in the forest which helped everyone to get back on their feets.
After another ready check and using more consumables it was time again – this time it felt different, like people were focusing.

The pull timer started and the fight was on. But as soon as the fight started, Woop decided to get high on some mushrooms causing him to die.
– “Come on Woop, avoid the mushrooms!” Boringheals screamed.
– “But I like mushrooms…” Woop responded.
– “Do like me Woop, don’t do drugs, do tequila!” Darkshade shouted drunk.

The advice from Darkshade helped Woop to focus more and Fade decided to pull once again.
Adds were dying fast. Spheres destroyed. Everything looked perfect. Fade managed to kill two of the bosses and now it was only one left still.
Everyone got into positions and used bloodlust to get the extra damage. But then something happened that should not happen during a fight. Aaryns goat came back and took over the raid leading.

The confusion was total, no one understood anything and the boss lived for another pull.
– “Ich will eine Kuh, wenn ich aufwachse!” Fys shouted.
– “Ehm, what the fuck Fys?” Aagard said in response.
– “Come on, I wanna play Counter-Strike!!!” Fitt added.
– “Me too” Mynte followed.

It looked like it was over for Fade, nothing could help them out from this wipe. But then something magic happened. Darkshade started to sing and everyone was back on track.
The time was suddenly 22:59 – Fade had one more pull to kill this boss. This was it. Win or lose.

– “I wanna eat, please kill it this try” Andrejonas said randomly.
– “Focus up, I can see into the future, this is the kill.” Aaryn said like a boss.

The pulltimer started – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – PULL! The DPS was massive, the healing was massive. Woop was drunk as fuck. Fys was talking german to himself. Thornie realised he tried to say Wowowow all the time and not Wawawaw.
After a clean phase one and phase two – Fade reached phase 3. This was it, the last pull – the last phase. Everything looked perfect, then at 10% something happened – everyone died. Except Aaryn.

This was the moment, the leader, the man, the legend, was gonna solo the last 10 percent. After a lot of blinking and spamming pyroblast – Aaryn managed to get the kill for Fade.
It was pure happiness in the guild. Tasee paid Aaryn gold, Kiwi fixed his sister snapchat to him, Morty gave his knife on CS. Fys tried to teach Aaryn german.
This was the kill. The only kill.
– “I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing guild!” Lynilx the trial shouted.
– “Told you guys – I can see into the future.” Aaryn ended.

Here is the mandatory picture from Aaryn

PoVs of the kill – (Clearly photoshopped at the end)
Darkshade – Shadow Priest
Skeng – Arms Warrior

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