Heyyyyy-Lya down!! ToV finally cleared!

Heyyyyy-Lya down!! ToV finally cleared!

We are back with some news as the Helheim Ruler’s became the loser.

The time step between Trials of Valor and Nighthold was probably shorter than expected and Fade could only kill Odyn and Guarm back then. Remember that after our Guarm kill on a Monday next reset Guarm got nerfed and the week after that Nighthold Heroic came into the Broken Islands. From that time on Fade’s focused on Nighthold Mythic progress but after some people interested in having Helya Trinket (that mastery statstick <3) plus some achievement hunters Fade decided to kill Helya after we were 7/10.

The Helya fight was interesting, we obviously out-geared the fight but that didn’t make it to be fewer mechanics required. Most of the thingy’s 1 shot you, making you feel bad for sucking haha 🙂

Helya was down after 64 tries split in three days, with the kill on April 2nd.

The first day was kinda particular. Some of the dps were trying to “push” ¿their dps? by finishing their cast when orbs spawned with the result of insta 1 shot. A similar one comes when by a bad positioning orbs spawned at different position. Oh man that laser bean I wish I had one like that in real life to point to the starts. Do not forget about the “dispels”

“Thornie said: We are overlapping dispels in the same guy, somebody log a shadow-priest alt so he can mass dispel“
“Letsjudge said: But don’t we have shady?”
“Darkshade: What me? I have to dps, VoidForm doesn’t sustain alone, plus 15 sec CD”

On the second day we started doing some progress in the 2nd phase, Kekko was with us this time so we used mas dispel rotation leaving healers single dispels for the ones that didn’t go to the dispel location. This part was really funny for me since I could multi-dot, oh wait tentacles has to die at same time? Damn!

On the 3er day we got the kill leaving us some funny discord chat.

“Darkshade: Guys don’t focus tentacles, they are like the ones I summon, let me give them a good ending!
People continued dpsing them while waiting for the big add.
“Demoji: Stop dpsing left side tentacle is dying before the Greylord”
“Darkshade: Oh shit! I have dots on them can’t take them off!! Oh crap Whispers proc rip them. Kill the right side asap or …
“Demoji: Ok wipe we failed! Left died way before right”
“Darkshade: T_T Mb”
“Aaryn: It couldn’t be you alone, How can your dots kill him, that’s imposible”

On the last phase the position confusion was interesting

-Where do we stack now?
-Everybody stack or orbs will be misplaced – oh rip
-Soak Soak Soak!
-Kill the Mariner!!

Once we got the kill you could hear:
Thornie: Fucking hell, this bullshit boss
Jusb: Lets never come back here
Aaryn. Wow good job boys
Embr: wawawawwaw (Thornie style)
Dark: Fucking shit, no mastery statstick

But at the end we all did a very good job, Congrats on the kill mates!

Oh wait! Wasn’t it there Woop? Ohhh that’s true, he probably was sleeping.. haha

And as usual our photoshoper Aaryn, aka professional photographer took the kill screenshot. Also you can find some point of views for the kill.

Kill povs:
Darkshade – Shadowpriest
Aaryn – Fire Mage (Rip sound)

Post by Darkshade! 🙂 (So Aaryn could slack)

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