Guild ranks

Guild ranks

Fade has the following ranks in the guild.

The council members are the people leading the guild, specific roles are listed here.

The core rank is the highest rank regular members can get, this is achieved by proving yourself as a raider. Activity, skill, attitude and dedication to the guild are the major factors in earning this rank.

What does it take to become core?

    • Activity


    • – High raid attendance, basically you need to be a reliable force in our team. We generally expect 80% or better attendance.


    • – Involvement outside raidtimes. The guild runs many activities like dungeons, (alt-)raids on offdays, pvp etc. Even though nothing of this is mandatory it is taken into account when reviewing a core promotion.

– Your performance in raids needs to be high, we expect you to play your class at an optimal level. Things to consider are pushing out sufficient numbers, handling mechanics properly.

– Progressing through high end content might be frustrating at times, we expect you to be able to deal with this in a appropiate manner.

Dedication to the guild
– This can be measured in different ways, things to keep in mind are loyalty, being able to provide solutions when the guild runs into problems.

What are the benefits of the core rank?

    • – Highest priority in raid invites.


    – Access to the recruitment section of our guild forum.

The raider rank is for members of our raiding team that passed their trial. A raider can usually count on a raid invite and has higher priority than trials in this regard.

The trial rank is for new recruits. A trial period usually lasts around 2-3 weeks, in which Fade and the trialist can evaluate each other. In order to become a trial member feel free to check our our recruit page.

The social rank is for everyone who is not in Fade’s raid team. They have no priority fir raid invitations, however they are still welcome to participate in other guild activities. In order become a social member it is required to know atleast one current guild member.