Fade works with a structure of council members with equal power. These council members do have different duties though, as described below.


Current username: Aaryn
Role: Raid leader / DPS leader
Job description: As a raidleader Aaren organizes the raids, this means he is in charge of picking the team, choosing which tactics we are using and leading the fight by calling out mechanics/abilties etc. ID: Shatala#2122


Current username: Lìll
Role: Officer
Job description: As officer Lill is busy taking care of the day to day management of Fade, he is involved in running most aspects of the guild. ID: Lillrekan#2756


Current username: Thornie
Role: Healing Leader
Job description: As Healing Leader Thornie has the main responsibility to set up healing team and cooldowns for raids, aswell as managing everything in the guild that involves healing. ID: Thornstone#2355