Guild information

Guild information

Guild history

Fade was established during the Warlords of Draenor expansion, februari 2015 to be more precise.

The guild was formed out of a merge between Rocket Fuel Leak and Yeti Mind tricks, our oldschool members will recognize those names no doubt.
Our raiding history began mid Blackrock Foundry. Heroic was cleared quite fast, after that it was time to expand the guild as mythic raiding required a bigger roster. This period was quite memorable as it was our first raid instance we raided together as a guild, unlucky for us we didn’t really have enough time to clear the entire place on Mythic difficulty as Hellfire Citadel was launched before we had finished our business in Blackrock Foundry.

This did mean Hellfire Citadel was our first raid tier we could work on from the beginning as a guild. Normal and Heroic didn’t challenge us that much. The transition beteen heroic and mythic was a bumpy road. Just like the transistion in BRF it took a lot of effort to mantain a big enough roster. The cycle of people choosing to stop raiding for various reasons and recruiting new people in their place is something that kept us quite busy, but in the end we managed to kill Mythic Archimonde far before the end of the expansion.

That was a pretty brief description of the history of Fade, all of this in not even two years of time. Time to move on to the present.

Present time

As this page is being written Fade is focusing on Mythic Nighthold progression. One of the main focuses heading into Legion was to not have to same struggle converting from heroic to mythic, meaning our roster should be ready to go from the get go. This has been pretty succesfull, we have build a stable core of raiders and besides our raiding team we have build up a community in the guild which provides us with a positive atmosphere.

Heading into the future we’re always looking to recruit more players into our raiding team. If you think you got what it takes to raid with Fade feel free to check out our recruiting page.

For any further questions you’re always welcome to contact any officer ingame.