Fade Progress! HC Check – Mythic Entrance Check!

Fade Progress! HC Check – Mythic Entrance Check!

Yo yo yo Fade fans/members/family etc!

It’s been some time since we last updated here (7 days to be exact!), but no need to worry! We got news for you!

As mentioned in the post before, we killed 6 out of 7 bosses with a 2% wipe on Xavius of the first week of raiding. Moving into the 2nd week of raiding, we made sure to clear the whole place – in one raid – getting that curve to every member and some awesome loot from Xavius!

Then the typical Aaren-style-slack started with being late on editing picture, but we skip that part. 

And BOOM! Here comes the mandatory picture – shot by the professional photographer Aaryn.


After a nice weekend with Mythic+, laugh, love and friendship we went into Mythic!

The first boss of the raid is Nythendra and if we look up the latin dictionary the word Nythendra stands for annoying, but since we got people across the world in this guild, this was not a problem for us! We killed it after some tries and then it was time to hit that “Print Screen” button on the keyboard.


With this update, I will promise you that we will be faster at updating our progress! So make sure you make this website to your homepage and never miss a update from us!

With love and loot,

Aaryn and Fade and co. (Free promotion)

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