Emerald Nightmare Check – Trial of Valor Check – Progress time!

Emerald Nightmare Check – Trial of Valor Check – Progress time!

Sup homies!

Not so long time ago we made a post here, but we have already killed not only one, but two(!) progress bosses in one week!

The following week after the Cenarius kill, we decided to reclear EN again to maximize our gear moving into ToV and after som fast kills, we ended up having only Xavius up on Sunday. Xavius – as you proably can guess – is a joke. Took us roughly 24-25 wipes to kill it in Mythic, and we could probably have killed it faster aswell. Since we killed it fairly fast on Sunday, we decided to end early and start focusing on ToV. Mondays raid started great – only 6 wipes on Helya HC and got a taste how ToV Mythic is gonna be (And it looks promising!) so now comes the time to prepare for Nighthold and Christmas! Stay tuned and expect a kill post of Odyn Mythic soon!

Here comes the screenshots – links to PoV is at the end of this post!

Xavius Mythic

Helya HC

PoV of Xavius Mythic kill:  
– Centurus – Frost DK
– Darkshade – Shadow Priest
– Aaryn – Fire Mage
– Woop – Enhancement Shaman
– Morty – Destruction Warlock
PoV of Helya HC kill:
Centurus – Frost DK


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