2/7M – Fade crushes spooder boss – Elerethe down!

2/7M – Fade crushes spooder boss – Elerethe down!


Hello again Fade-enthusiast!

As Fade ventured into Mythic Emerald Nightmare there are plenty of bosses that are waiting to be butchered.

After killing the opening boss not too long ago Elerethe was next in line. An interesting fight with a lot of bad stuff on the ground, moving from platform to platform etc. All in all a pretty smooth kill, so Fade is 2/7 mythic now.

I’m writing this just after our wednesday raid where we cleared 7/7 heroic and killed our 2 mythic bosses aswell, so we got the rest of the week to focus on the next challenge, Ursoc. Curious if we can kill this bear anytime soon? Make sure to check back on our website.

I’ll include 2 videos from our kill below.

Unholy Deathknight PoV from Centurus:

Dstruction warlock PoV from Youn:

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