4/7M – Dragons are goners

4/7M – Dragons are goners

Dragons of Nightmare Mythic

Here we are again, an exciting day for the World of Warcraft players! The new 7.1.0 patch launched today with lots of new stuff and the return of Karazhan as mythic dungeon. If you didn’t see the patch notes yet; Here they are!

Now, back to the original reason for this post, it usually means we have another progression kill to share and that’s the case again this time. as you can read on the previous posts on this website we killed Nythendra, Elerethe and Ursoc already and the next logical step was to kill some more dragons.

So we managed to The Dragons of Nightmare last sunday on one of the last pulls of the night. We started our progression on this boss on monday, had our farmraid wednesday and continued dragon progress sunday and getting the kill near the end of the evening. All in all it took us 45 wipes, a good practice for the bosses left to kill!

The 4th kill so far making us 4/7M, just over the half now with 3 more bosses to go. We had a full raid on Il’Gynoth last monday and will continue to bash our heads in untill it’s dead. Hope to have a post about the evil tree soon!

We have some Youtube video’s from our Fadelings once again, make sure to check them out below.

Guardian druid PoV – Lillhoof
Destruction Warlock PoV – Morty
Unholy Death Knight poV – Centurus
Fire Mage PoV – Aaryn

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