9 is not 10! One more to go!

9 is not 10! One more to go!

Yo yo yo!


Fade is back with another kill – or if i’m completely honest a late kill, since we killed it like ehm 16 days ago :).


Anyway! The fight is a bit boring, since it comes down to you making a DPS check, and when you do it the fight becomes so much easier. During this time, we sadly had some massive roster problems which resulted in some raids being called and getting new people in that either needed gear or experience but I guess that’s the charm of progress.

Now it’s only one boss left and expect a post about him soon! (Spoiler: He is dead, just me being lazy :D)

Here is the famous killshot!

Here is some PoVs of the fight!
Lill – Balance Druid
Darkshade – Shadow Priest

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