6/7M – Cenarius cleansed by Fade

6/7M – Cenarius cleansed by Fade

Hello hello, you know the drill by now! Boss number 6 down, Cenarius was killed last monday.

It took us about a week of progress, seeing as Cenarius is considered the hardest boss in Emerald Nightmare that’s pretty fast progress, good job guys!

All the bramble kiting/clearing, stack clearing, afk tanking in a corner etc. paid off and Cenarius was killed after a couple of close wipes. We had some recordings again which you can see below (Credits to Woop and Lillhoof).

So, 6 bosses down, 1 to go. Xavius is in our crossmark, 7/7m progression incoming on our next post on the website stay tuned!

As mentioned in the Il’Gynoth kill post, we also have been working on Trial of Valor, 2 hc kills so far, once we kill Helya HC and mythic bosses we’ll update that on the website too!

Here are our handsome heroes again, 10/10 killpic!


Kill videos below:
Woop – Enhancement Shaman
Lillhoof – Guardian Druid

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