5/7 is better than 4/7! Progress kill!

5/7 is better than 4/7! Progress kill!

Yo yo yo!

Long time no see, but don’t be nervous. We have been doing progress since we last posted something here.

After plenty of wipes, both good ones and bad ones, we finally cut down the infected tree. It took some time, but after Darkshade got his Axe, it was a clean and easy kill. The fight is pretty straightfoward – Kill adds 1 by 1, don’t AoE – but when you try it out, it’s so easy to make mistakes!

Trial of Valor was released this week aswell, and we decided to go in there to try our luck. And it paid off! We “killed” Odyn and ended Guarm, but decided to clear Mythic EN instead of progress Helya. So expect a post soon about Helya!

Anyway, here is the famous picture of the tree, after Darkshade stopped chopping.


And here are some PoV’s of the kill!

Guardian Druid – Lillhoof

Shadow Priest – Darkshade

Frost DK – Centurus

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