10/10 – Gul’dan becomes Gul’dead!

10/10 – Gul’dan becomes Gul’dead!

Hello Fade fans or haters! Aaryn here!

So, we have killed Gul’dan. The last boss of Nighthold is dead after around 4 months of progress.

Gul’dan was by far the most enjoyable boss to progress in my opinion, it was hard and a long fight that also resulted in the most wipes for us – which a end boss should be like. It is a basic three phase fight where you progress each phase until you master it and eventually lands on the final phase where shit comes down. The fight is around 11-13 min long, which makes it the longest fight I’ve ever done in a mythic raid, but it didn’t feel that long.

Anyway, I don’t want this post to be a standard “how-the-boss-was” post. I wanna look back at the progress – not only Nighthold, even though I will go into more detail of NH – but Legion overall seeing this is end of this tier (but no need to worries, we will be raiding in ToS!).

I wont talk about Hellfire Citadel too much, but basically we cleared it with big problems – during that time we had to make some MAJOR roster changes and constantly recruit in order to manage to clear the raid, but after a lot of wipes, new recruits, drama and happiness we managed to clear it.

Moving into Legion, we had one big goal – to progress faster, while maintaining the fun.

At start of the expansion and even before, it looked like we had everything under control, a lot of rerolls – plenty of people that was supposed to return after their break during summer.

Instead it turned out that some members were not returning – or giving false promises – and some quit during the early stages of progress for various reasons.

Instead, Stormreaver was “fresh” again and had new players that were somewhat active. So we recruited and basically had a 50%ish new raid team in EN and managed to clear it somewhat fast.

Later people quit, some old, some new – but shit like that happens. Same thing happened in ToV, even though we didn’t manage a full reclear.

Moving onto Nighthold, a lot of “stuff” were new to this guild. Firstly, we had ton of new members in the team that have joined during EN/ToV – but we also had managed to progress quicker then we did during HFC. The guilds that once were 2-3 months a head of us were like 2-3 weeks ahead of us now. To keep up with that speed, people needed to farm AP, so new rules were set regarding the AP (which I don’t think was hard to reach tbh).

It started out good, clearing HC in 1 week. Following week we killed Skorpyron with only 1 wipe. Then Chronomatic happened, I wont go into too much detail, but we sucked on him (in my opinion, I might be alone on this hehe). Then we killed Trilliax in 3 pull, which was surprising seeing how Chrono went. Then progress went somewhat “normal”. We killed some bosses really really fast (wipe-count) and some slow. I will paste all bosses with wipe count here with wipes in (X) – This is also the order we killed the bosses:
(Keep in mind, this might be wrong with +/- 5-10 wipes – Wlogs as source)

  • Skorpyron (1)
  • Chrono (~40-60*)
  • Trilliax (2)
  • Krosus (128)
  • Botanist (54)
  • Tich (42)
  • Spellbalde (59)
  • Star Auguar (70)
  • Elisande (109)
  • Gul’dan (148)

* = Don’t have logs from this boss – but around those wipes.

So as you can see we did really good – wipe-count wise – if you ask me (some will obvious disagree, since humans).

But the point I wanted to make is that – during Nighthold progress we had some hard times. Not because of the wipes, but basically people quitting due to feeling too stressed out from either the AP-farm or wipes or some few leaving to another guild. Sort of what happened in HFC, but not that bad.

It really did slow us down, resulting in cancelled raid – getting new people in to the team and gear them up or to give them mythic experience. Since recruiting on SR isn’t the easiest task, especially at the end on a tier.

But the most important thing – We managed.

We managed to clear this tier, even though it looked like shit at one point (around Tich->Star when we had around 5-6 people quit somewhat). Not that it was hard, but it could be worse. But with the dedication of the existing members (and still active!) – people that left somewhat late – some people that quit, but helped out at the end even though they wanted to sleep – to the other council members – we managed to clear this tier and to get some new addition to the team.

To everyone that helped out – especially to the still active players and to some players that either quit late or left – Thank You!

The biggest issue is not lacking your best players, the right comp with classes, the right people and so on. The biggest issue is to lack 20 people and even though we called a few raids, we still managed (and the active players can expect a post from me soon lul).

But as this tier has ended and aswell BRF sort of did and HFC did – we will manage. We will clear content fairly fast and still have fun – even though we are a 9H guild.

And we will continue ToS – so see ya there!

Thanks you!

Here is the killpic of the kill

Here is the kill video of Gul’dan made by Darkshade that sadly weren’t here for the kill featuring some Fade members!

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